Milk Fruit & Nut Bar


Sweet raisins, juicy sultanas, citrus peel and currents are combined with house roasted sweet Australian almonds and roasted peanuts then are all embedded in our silky milk chocolate.

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Before you take your first bite of our Milk Fruit and Nut Bar, savour the delightful fusion of flavours.

Our bar is carefully crafted and is full of wholesome goodness;

this delectable treat is an irresistible experience.

Your senses will be instantly captivated by the aroma upon unwrapping the bar.

Basically, it draws you in to appreciate its blend of creamy milk chocolate, juicy fruits, and crunchy nuts.

You will discover a harmonious combination of textures and tastes with each bite that will keep you returning for more;

creamy milk chocolate is coupled with juicy fruits, and the satisfying crunch of nuts adds a delightful contrast.

In conclusion, our Milk Fruit & Nut 80g Bar transcends the definition of a mere chocolate bar;

it orchestrates a symphony of flavours, celebrating the bounty of nature.

Whether you savour it for your pleasure or share it with friends and family,

this bar will enchant your taste buds, delivering pure delight.

Elegantly packaged and ready to be enjoyed,

our 80g Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bar is the epitome of satisfaction and a perfect treat for any occasion.

Transition into a world of flavour with every bite of this delicious bar.

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