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Traditional lollies

The Margaret River Fudge Factory Traditional lollies

Also available at Fremantle Chocolate

If you have been searching for traditional lollies, look no further! At The Margaret River Fudge Factory, we have 12 classic flavours of traditional lollies to choose from, along with our chocolate and fudge selection. The best part is, they are also available at Fremantle Chocolate as we have been sister companies since 2001!

You can find the Margaret River Fudge Factory range and the Fremantle Chocolate range at both stores, so there’s never needed to travel for some of Western Australia’s delicious treats.

Please continue reading to discover more information regarding our hard boiled traditional lollies!


Strawberries and Cream 

These little lollies come in pleasing pillow shapes and package in a 200g bag for your enjoyment. The fruity tang of the strawberries is balanced beautifully with the sweet non-dairy cream. As a result, these strawberries and cream lollies are loved by all! 

Strawberries and cream hard boiled traditional lollies



At Fremantle Chocolate, we use the watermelon hard boiled lollies in our watermelon truffle and as a result they are award-winning! These watermelon flavoured traditional lollies feature a striped pink and green oval shape. These lollies will remind you of summertime and picnics every time you take out the packet.

hard boiled traditional lollies watermelon


Aniseed Cough Ovals 

Aniseed is known for its natural sweetness as it has a similar taste profile to licorice root, fennel, and caraway. These hard boiled aniseed-flavoured hard lollies are a certainly a  classic among licorice lovers!

hard boiled traditional lollies aniseed cough ovals


Barley Sugar 

Barley Sugar lollies certainly are a classic Australian treat! The flavour is very sweet with a touch of orange essence and no sourness, therefore very popular for all age groups! The Barley sugar lollies come in bitesize oval shapes for your enjoyment! You can find hard boiled barley sugar lollies with a tan colour due to the barley extract used.

hard boiled traditional lollies barley sugar



Warm, rich, and creamy, hard butterscotch lollies are certainly a classic and beloved Lollie. As a result, all love this timeless blend of butter and sugar! The butterscotch you can find at Fremantle Chocolate comes in pillow-shaped striped lollies

hard boiled traditional lollies butterscotch


Candy Apple 

At Fremantle Chocolate and the Margaret River Fudge Factory, you can find Candy Apple! These hard boiled lollies are very striking with their bright red and green colouring. If you are a fan of sweet sour lollies, you will certainly love Candy Apple! 

Candy Apple hard boiled traditional lollie


Chocolate Mint

This Choc mint hard boiled lollie is a delicious peppermint pillow and contains Chocolate flavoured fondant centre. With a brown and green design, you can’t miss these traditional lollies on our shelves! If you are a fan of mint ice-cream, you will certainly love these chocolate mint lollies.

hard boiled Traditional lollies chocolate mint


Classic Humbugs 

Flavored with peppermint, these classic humbugs are a timeless treat! These traditional humbugs are pillow-like shaped with black and white stripes. Therefore, perfect for weddings, birthdays or just as a treat! Available in 200g bags.


Fruit Salad 

Little drops of fruit salad flavoured hard traditional lollies. You won’t miss these bright multicoloured lollies on our shelves! These hard boiled lollies encapsulate the sweet and sour flavours of your favourite fruits in one lollie to bring you a satisfying fruit salad drop.


Mixed Sherbet

Hard-boiled lollies with sherbet throughout the entire body!  Above all after the hard body of the Lollie cracks, the sherbets begin to dissolve in your mouth.



Peewees are the smallest traditional lollies in our lollie family. These little treats are assorted mixed boiled lollies, therefore, perfect for the whole family! Peewees are available in 200g bags and come in a different assortment of bright colours!


Salted Caramel

These salted caramel traditional lollies come in little pillow shapes for your enjoyment. These sweet and salty treats are the perfect treat if you are a caramel fan! At Fremantle Chocolate, we use these little pillows of salted caramel lollies in our 150g salted caramel crush chocolate! Whether you are in the mood for salted caramel lollies or Chocolate, we have you covered!


Where can I find Traditional Rock lollies in Perth? 

In conclusion, all traditional lollies flavours are packaged in 200g sealable bags and available online through Fremantle Chocolate’s website. Otherwise, feel free to visit us at Fremantle Chocolate or the Margaret River Fudge Factory to view our range in store along with our range of chocolates and fudge.

You can find Fremantle Chocolate at 20/8 Sustainable Avenue, Bibra Lake, WA 6163. The Margaret River fudge factory is located at 152 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River, WA 6285. City or country, we have you covered!

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