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Ruby Chocolate, where to buy?

Ruby Chocolate buttons, bars and more!

If you have been searching for where to buy Ruby Chocolate keep reading to find out!

If you want to learn more about Ruby Chocolate keep reading.

In recent times, We have seen the emergence of pink foods in just about every form.

Have you wondered what this pink explosion is all about? The answer is Ruby chocolate!

Developed in 2017 Ruby chocolate is a new chocolate called the fourth chocolate or pink chocolate.

Ruby chocolate has a reddish-pink colour, and it consists of 47.5% cocoa and 26.3% milk.

In contrast though, white chocolate only consists of 20% cocoa butter and 14% milk.

Callebaut has been working on building up the Ruby Chocolate market in Europe and Asia since 2017.

Nestle Japan was the first company to release a Ruby Chocolate product to the public in early 2018.

Ruby chocolate is the most significant innovation within the chocolate industry in the last 80 years since the addition of white chocolate in the 1930s.

What does Ruby Chocolate taste like?

Ruby chocolate has a perfect combination of sweet and sour with a lovely berry-like undertone. As a result, this gives it a unique taste different from the existing flavours we all know.

Ruby chocolate contains less sugar than a bar of white chocolate, but the texture is very similar.

The Production of Ruby Chocolate.

Ecuador, Brazil, and Ivory Coast are the only places the ruby cocoa bean grows.

It is only under certain climate conditions that cocoa plants will produce Ruby cocoa beans.

The processing cycle begins with the selection of cocoa beans which are chosen explicitly for their properties to create the Ruby colour and taste.

Accordingly, ruby chocolate is entirely natural and does not include artificial colours or berry flavours.

Although the process itself is unknown as Callebaut prefers to keep the information confidential.

In conclusion all the Industry experts theorize that Ruby chocolate is created from the unfermented cocoa bean, the process of producing the Ruby chocolate yourself at home is a secret.

Callebaut has published a very in-depth article explaining how to create fantastic recipes with Ruby Chocolate.

The article goes into depth about how you should use and store the chocolate, and what Callebaut’s chefs recommend creating with Ruby Chocolate.

Visit Callebaut’s article here –

Where can you buy Ruby Chocolate in Perth? 

The first mass-market release of Ruby chocolate was back in 2018. After that it has been available to the majority of the public.

We at Fremantle Chocolate Perth sell Ruby Chocolate in four different forms,

A 70g packet of drops, 45g bar of Ruby and dark chocolate,  truffle and our platinum Bar.

If you feel like trying Ruby Chocolate for yourself or wanted to try out a new recipe,

visit us at Fremantle Chocolate or browse our website.

Contact us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to let us know what you think of the New Chocolate!

Find our Ruby Chocolate products here:

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Fremantle Chocolate Ruby chocolate TruffleFremantle Chocolate Ruby Chocolate Platinum bar Fremantle Chocolate Ruby Buttons in a 150g pouch Fremantle Chocolate ruby and dark chocolate 45g bar