White Chocolate Couverture Buttons


White Chocolate Buttons/Chips for melting, cooking or just enjoying as they are!

This is high-grade “couverture” chocolate, not compound/cooking chocolate.

May come as buttons and/or chips and based on a weight of 500g.


Couverture chocolate buttons 500g available at Fremantle Chocolate.

Our Fremantle Chocolate white chocolate couverture buttons are perfect for tempering, coating, dipping and moulding to make any sweet treat!

Our chocolate buttons are available in 5 delicious flavours – Milk, Dark, White, Caramel and Ruby Chocolate!

If you would like to know more information regarding couverture chocolate visit our blog page here – What is Couverture chocolate? – Fremantle Chocolate (freochoc.com.au) 

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Additional information

Weight 500 kg