Vegan Friendly 72% Dark Chocolate 3D Xmas Tree (100g)


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Celebrate the holidays with our exquisite Vegan 72% Chocolate Xmas Tree that is perfect for vegans!

Blending smoothly. the rich and intense flavours of premium dark chocolate into a festive masterpiece.

With utmost care and expertise, we’ve designed a delightful tree that’s sure to elevate your holiday celebrations.

You’ll love that this dark chocolate is a vegan’s dream come true!

With its deep, velvety texture and robust cocoa flavour, this serves as proof of being able to indulge without feeling guilty.

In fact, this chocolate is not only vegan-friendly but also dairy-free,

ensuring that every bite is a moment of delight.

The 72% Dark Chocolate Xmas Tree is an absolute masterpiece and proudly vegan-friendly.

Shaped to resemble a charming Christmas tree, it captures the holiday spirit with intricate detailing.

The delightful 3D effect adds a touch of excitement to your holiday festivities.

In our pursuit of inclusivity,

we’ve crafted the Vegan-Friendly Dark Chocolate Christmas tree to accommodate various dietary preferences and allergies.

Completely free from dairy, gluten, and other common allergens,

it stands as a thoughtful gift suitable for vegans and those with dietary restrictions.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one or a fun stocking stuffer?,

our 72% Dark Chocolate Xmas Tree stands as the ideal choice.

It breaks down into separate pieces, making it an ideal choice for sharing with loved ones as you gather to celebrate.

While you embrace the essence of the holidays with the Vegan-Friendly 72% Dark Chocolate Xmas Tree 3D.

Its beautiful design and superb taste create a special experience, bringing people closer and spreading joy.

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