Chocolate coated Marshmallows 150g




Chocolate coated Marshmallows

At Fremantle Chocolate we took fluffy white and pink marshmallows and chocolate coated them! We finished our marshmallows off with a sprinkle of hundreds and thousands.

Chocolate coated treats

At Fremantle Chocolate we have seven different types of chocolate coated treats to choose from! Pick from chocolate coated red frogs, snakes and more!

Fremantle Chocolate is located in Perth, WA. At our chocolate shop and factory you will find our whole product range displayed in our shop along with a viewing window into our chocolate factory. From the viewing window you can see how all our chocolates are made by our amazing chocolatiers.

Feel free to visit our blog page for more information regarding our products and business. We also have a blog about our chocolate coated treats range. Find it here!
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