Christmas Truffle (2 pack)



Small Christmas Truffles Gift

The Small Christmas Truffle, a charming two-pack of holiday delights, captures the essence of Christmas in every velvety bite.

These delicious truffles are a miniature masterpiece of flavour and festivity,

a delightful indulgence that embodies the spirit of the season.

Each truffle is a work of art, carefully hand-made to perfection.

The outer layer is a smooth, rich chocolate shell, adorned with festive red and green accents, reminding you of holly and mistletoe.

It’s a visual delight, a tiny package of holiday cheer.

When you take that first bite, you’re met with a symphony of flavours.

The chocolate shell gives way to a delicious, creamy ganache that melts on your tongue.

It’s a blissful combination of deep, dark chocolate and seasonal spices,

perhaps a hint of cinnamon or a touch of nutmeg, that warms your heart like a crackling fireplace on a cold winter’s night.

The Small Christmas Truffle is more than a sweet treat; it’s a moment of joy, a way to savour the magic of the holiday season.

Whether shared with a loved one or savoured alone, each bite is a reminder of the love,

warmth, and togetherness that Christmas represents.

In its petite form, the Small Christmas Truffle embodies the essence of the holiday season—small yet meaningful,

sweet yet heartfelt, and a cherished part of our festive traditions.

Small Christmas Truffle (2 pack) available from Fremantle Chocolate.

Perfect as a small gift to families, friends and colleagues during this festive period.

( Please note decorations on the Christmas Truffles may differ from the Image.)

If you are feeling generous this Christmas we also have a larger 4 pack of Christmas Truffles!

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