Dark Jarrah Honeycomb Chocolate 250g


Honeycomb pillows infused with world renown Australian Jarrah honey that are smothered in rich dark 58% dark chocolate.

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Handcrafted dark Jarrah Honeycomb chocolate

At Fremantle Chocolate, our amazing team of chocolatiers handcraft Dark Jarrah Honeycomb Chocolate at our Bibra Lake factory.

Our chocolatiers take Honeycomb pillows infused with world-renowned Australian Jarrah honey and smother them in rich 58% dark chocolate.

We also have a milk chocolate version of our honeycomb deluxe chocolate available for milk chocolate lovers.

At Fremantle Chocolate, the deluxe gift boxes range is our best seller! Check out our Rocky Road gift box and Dark Chocolate Ginger!

Fremantle Chocolate

At Fremantle Chocolate, we are renowned as a small local business providing amazing quality handcrafted chocolates.

As our name suggests, our roots started in Fremantle, but as we needed a bigger chocolate factory to create our products, we moved to Bibra Lake!

At our Bibra Lake factory, we also have a chocolate shop full of our product lines and a display window so you can see how we make all our products.

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Did you know Fremantle Chocolate and the Margaret River Fudge Factory are sister companies?

We have been working together since 2001 to bring amazing quality handmade chocolate and fudge products to Perth and the rest of Australia.