Chocolate Coated Turkish Delight 250g


Bitesize squares of delicate soft classic pink rose Turkish Delight smothered in enriched milk chocolate.

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Handcrafted Turkish delight chocolate.

At Fremantle Chocolate, you can find bitesize squares of delicate soft classic pink rose Turkish Delight. Our Turkish Delight is handcrafted by our amazing team of chocolatiers at our home location located in Bibra Lake. Turkish Delight is a trendy item from our Fremantle Chocolate deluxe chocolate range. We also offer Rocky Road and Dark Chocolate Ginger, as part of our exclusive chocolate range. To discover the full range of Fremantle Chocolate, visit our blog page!

Fremantle Chocolate

At Fremantle Chocolate, we value being a local business, a handmade factory and providing excellent quality chocolate. We started our journey in Fremantle, as our name suggests, but we needed a giant factory. Therefore, we moved to Bibra Lake! At our Bibra Lake factory, we make all our Fremantle chocolate products, but we also have a retail shop open to the public. At our shop, we have all of our products on display. We also put our special occasion treats out on display for the holidays. If you are interested in seeing behind the scenes, follow us on Instagram for daily updates!