Milk Chocolate Coated Nougat (250g)


Batons of roasted almond and honey soft nougat enrobed in enriched milk chocolate.

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Handcrafted milk chocolate coated nougat 

At Fremantle Chocolate, you can find delicious handmade chocolate-coated nougat. Our amazing chocolatiers take batons of soft honey nougat and enrobe the batons with couverture chocolate. The nougat contains slithers of roasted almonds.

Our nougat is a trendy selection from our deluxe range. You will also find Cookies and cream, spots and dots milk chocolate, Coconut Rough available in milk and dark chocolate, Cherry Dream and more! To discover Fremantle Chocolate’s deluxe chocolate range, feel free to visit our blog page here¬†to find out more.

Along with our blog page, we also have an Instagram page. We post daily chocolate photos and videos to our Instagram. If you love chocolate, give our page a follow! You will not be disappointed.

Fremantle Chocolate

At Fremantle Chocolate, we are proud to be a local business and a handmade factory. All our products are handmade in our Bibra Lake chocolate factory. At our factory, you will also find a shop featuring all of our products! We also feature products from the Margaret River Fudge Factory as we are sister companies. Visit the Fudge Factory to browse our Margaret River Fudge Factory range.