Chocolate Coated Marzipan


By far the most popular product that we have! You don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve tried Fremantle Chocolate’s dark chocolate coated marzipan.

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“Irresistible Indulgence: The Magic of Chocolate-Coated Marzipan”

Firstly, if you’re a fan of sweet treats that combine chocolate’s deliciousness with marzipan’s delicate charm, you’re in for a delightful experience.

This treat is a delight. That gives a particular taste.

As an illustration, let’s explore what makes this treat unique!

1. The Perfect Marriage of Flavors:

At its core, marzipan is a smooth and sweet almond paste that’s been beloved for centuries.

It’s known for its nutty undertones and melt-in-your-mouth texture.

When you pair this exquisite almond delight with the richness of chocolate, magic happens.

The marzipan’s sweetness perfectly complements the bittersweet chocolate, creating a harmonious medley of flavours.

2. A Pleasure for the Senses:

One bite of chocolate-coated marzipan is all it takes to engage your senses in a delightful dance.

The chocolate’s glossy appearance tempts your eyes, while the marzipan’s silky texture invites your fingers to feel its velvety smoothness.

As a result, when you take that first bite, the combination of textures and flavours is heavenly.

3. Versatility in Presentation:

Chocolate-coated marzipan comes in various forms, making it suitable for occasions.

For example, you’ll find it as bite-sized squares, elegant bars, or even intricately shaped figures like fruits, animals, or holiday designs.

4. A Festive Favorite:

Chocolate-coated marzipan is especially popular during the holiday season.

The combination of almond marzipan and chocolate makes for beautiful holiday treats often shaped into adorable Christmas figures like Santa Claus or snowmen.

These treats taste amazing and add a touch of festive charm to any celebration.

5. Perfect for Gifting:

Speaking of celebrations, chocolate-coated marzipan makes for a superb gift option.

Its exquisite taste and elegant appearance make it a present for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.

Whether giving it to a loved one or treating yourself, it’s a gift to be valued.

6. International Delight:

Chocolate-coated marzipan has entered hearts and taste buds worldwide.

While it’s loved as a European classic, Its delicious taste has made it a worldwide hit.

You can savour the flavours of this combination no matter where you are.


Chocolate-coated marzipan takes two beloved sweets, creating a balance of flavours.

Whether you’re savouring it during the holidays, indulging in a sweet moment of self-care,

or sharing it with loved ones, it will leave a lasting impression.


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