Cherry Dream 250g


58% rich dark chocolate entwined with juicy sweet glace cherries, crushed chocolate biscuit piece and dusted lightly with delicate desiccated coconut. Crafted into bitesize squares pieces for your enjoyment.

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Cherry Dream handcrafted with a silky dark chocolate

If you are searching for a cherry dark chocolate, try Fremantle Chocolates Cherry Dream! 

Our Cherry Dream started with 58% chocolate and entwined with juicy sweet glace cherries. We then take crushed chocolate biscuit pieces and mix them into the chocolate. Lastly, our talented chocolatiers lightly dust the chocolate with desiccated coconut. 

The finished Cherry Dream is cut into bitesize squares and packaged into our 250g gift box. Perfect as a gift or just for yourself. 

Fremantle Chocolate

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