Vegan 72% Dark Chocolate Santa with Sack (110g)


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Introducing our  72% Chocolate Santa Sack—an irresistible holiday delight that embodies the magic of Christmas while adhering to vegan principles.

This exquisite chocolate creation combines the rich and decadent flavours of premium 72% dark chocolate with the iconic figure of Santa Claus,

adding a touch of charm and sweetness to your festive celebrations.

Crafted from the finest cacao beans, our 72% dark chocolate offers a deep,

velvety texture and a robust cocoa flavour with subtle undertones of fruit and nut.

Indulge in guilt-free vegan treats made with ethical sourcing and no dairy.

Celebrate the holiday season with our 72% Chocolate Santa Sack.

This chocolate figurine is more than just a treat, it embodies the whimsical spirit of the holidays.

The Santa Claus figurine is designed with intricate details.

It stands tall carrying a sack of goodies and makes for a lovely treat for your holiday festivities.

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