Fremantle is a lively port city 30 minutes southwest of Perth. Fremantle is a prevalent location as it has something to offer every visitor of all ages. Along with the bustling, centrally located Cappuccino strip, Fremantle is the home to incredible beaches as the city is located on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Fremantle is a social hub due to the endless selection of cafes, restaurants, and a plethora of community spirit that creates a fun, laid-back atmosphere! After watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean, Fremantle transforms and offers a lively and vibrant nightlife! Pubs, clubs, bars, and late-night markets are some of Fremantle’s late-night offerings.

Fremantle has a rich history that dates to the 1600s when Dutch explorers visited the area. Later Fremantle was settled by the Swan River colonists in 1829 and was named after Captain Charles Fremantle. In 1884 Fremantle harbour was opened for commercial shipping, which transformed the port into a bustling trade centre! In 1929 Fremantle was officially declared a city and played a crucial role in World War II as the most extensive submarine base in the Southern Hemisphere. After the war, immigrants from Europe and Italy resided in Fremantle and helped shaped Fremantle’s character to what we know today! Fremantle is a unique area in Perth due to its well-preserved Victorian and Edwardian streetscapes and convict-era heritage!

The original inhabitants of the land are the Whadjuk Noongar people who called the area Walyalup. Fremantle is a place of ceremonies, significant cultural practices and trading for the local Noongar people. Manjaree was an important meeting place as it was a prominent trading place for Whadjuk and other Noongar. The area is now called Anglesea point and home to the Round House prison. The prison was completed in 1831 and is the oldest public building in Western Australia.

Here is a Panorama of the Swan River Colony in 1831. In the picture, you can see the Round House on top of the furthest hill. Jane Eliza Currie painted this portrait.

Fremantle chocolate is a 100% Australian owned company. Our first business, called the Margaret River fudge factory, was opened in 1999, and after much success, we decided to open our sister company Fremantle chocolate in 2002!

(Fremantle chocolate 2004)

After 10 years, we outgrew our production facilities in Fremantle and moved 20 minutes south to a purpose-built factory in Bibra Lake!


(Fremantle chocolate 2021)

At our new purpose-built factory, we have a shop separate from the factory with a viewing window. You will be able to see how our over 300 handcrafted chocolates are prepared for our customers! Since our opening in 2002, we have taken part in many events, including the Perth Royal Show. During the 2014 and 2015 Perth Royal show, we won the best design and presentation award!

In our factory we craft chocolate bars, deluxe chocolates, platinum chocolate bars, truffles, chocolate coffee, chocolate coated treats, chocolate buttons, traditional lollies, indulgence boxes and chocolate gifts! As time has progressed, we have too with the range and flavours of chocolate we offer. Our current best seller is the 250g box Rocky Road closely followed by the 250g box of the Jarrah honeycomb. You will be able to find these flavours under our deluxe chocolate range on the website. Let us know what your favourite Fremantle chocolate flavour is by messaging us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Feel free to also ask any questions or provide us with feedback! Visit us at our factory located at 20/8 Sustainable Avenue, Bibra Lake Western Australia 6163.