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Fremantle Chocolates secret weapon!

This blog will discuss Fremantle Chocolates production manager, Ingird!

At Fremantle Chocolate we have a secret weapon. Ingrid is Fremantle Chocolate’s production manager, and this is her story.

As a daughter of a Belgian, Ingrid was destined to be a brewer or chocolatier. As a result she became a chocolatier who drinks beer!

Ingrid had an exciting childhood as she grew up in Bourke NSW and Katanning, WA.

After remaining in Geraldton for a few years, Ingrid travelled to Belgium to pursue a career in chocolate.

Belgium is a small country but most importantly Belgium is famous for producing the best chocolate in the world.

Ingrid graduated from a prestigious food and hospitality trade school in Belgium called the Ter Groene Poorte in 1993.

After completing the chocolate and sugar apprenticeship, Ingrid was lucky to be taught under master chocolatier Jacky Vergote at Chocoladehuisje.

Ingrid added 12 years of experience working at various patisseries and chocolate work to her portfolio when returning to Perth, Australia.

Where is Ingrid now?

Ingrid joined the Fremantle Chocolate team in Perth, WA, in 2006 and has now been with Fremantle chocolate for over 15 years.

As a talented chocolatier, Ingrid has worked her way up to the head chocolatier and team leader in the factory.

Ingrid’s daily role consists of trailing new products, discovering new flavours, techniques and producing customer favourites.

Ingrid has created many additions to our chocolate shop, and her work is certainly vital for the success of Fremantle Chocolate. Above all, we are very grateful for her loyalty and work ethic!

In conclusion Ingrid wants to continue her work at Fremantle Chocolate and innovate the chocolate industry.

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Fremantle Chocolate

100g mixed chocolate coated coffee beans

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