Chocolate gift boxes

At Fremantle Chocolate, one of our biggest priorities is providing handmade, locally made, and excellent quality chocolate to our customers! Therefore, we have created a range of deluxe 250g gourmet chocolate. Fremantle Chocolate’s 250g range is certainly the perfect chocolate gift boxes to gift to your friends and family. Are you looking for something extra special to gift this Christmas season? At Fremantle Chocolate, in addition to our chocolate gift boxes, we have a selection of gift hampers which include our deluxe chocolate range. Our 250g range is only available in Australia as we are Australia’s Gourmet chocolate specialists.


250g Gourmet chocolate gift boxes range

If you have ever visited Fremantle Chocolate in Perth, you would have certainly come across our 250g chocolate gift boxes! Fremantle Chocolates gourmet 250g range is our most popular range with our retail and wholesale customers. We have 13 different 250g gourmet chocolate flavours to choose from! Available in-store and online.


Cherry Dream

dark chocolate and cherry gift boxDid you know that the first version of Cherry Dream was first developed in the 1700s in France! The version of Cherry Dream consisted of Cherries enclosed in a chocolate casing. The chocolate cherry is so popular we even have a day to celebrate the treat! January 3rd is officially national chocolate covered Cherry Day! At Fremantle Chocolate, we have our version of chocolate and cherries called Cherry Dream which you can find packed in our chocolate gift boxes. Cherry Dream is made with 58% rich dark chocolate entwined with juicy sweet glace cherries, crushed chocolate biscuit pieces, and finished off with a dusting of desiccated coconut to create delicious dark chocolate with cherry.



                                                                                                                              Coconut Rough                                     coconut rough gift box

Coconut treats were popularized in America by big brands back in the 1950s but, Coconut treats have been vital to the local economy of Ben Tre located in Vietnam. Ben Tre currently has over 100 coconut treat manufacturers which makes up 30% of local businesses! We created Fremantle Chocolate’s Coconut Rough with toasted desiccated coconut folded into silky milk chocolate. Our Coconut Rough also comes in a 72% dark chocolate version! Our amazing chocolatiers cut our Coconut Rough into bite-sized squares for your enjoyment. Both versions of Fremantle Chocolate’s Coconut Rough can be found packaged in our chocolate gift boxes!




Cookies and Cream

white chocolate cookies and cream gift box

The invention of Cookies and Cream treats is relatively young as the first version of the treat was invented in 1979 but cookies and cream chocolate was only popularized in the 90s. Visit Megan Raposa’s article for more information. At Fremantle Chocolate we knew our gift box collection was not complete without Cookies and Cream! It definitely has to be a white chocolate lovers’ favourite! Rich chocolate biscuits are crushed by our chocolatiers and folded into creamy white chocolate with a hint of vanilla. After that, cut into bite-sized squares for your enjoyment.




Fruit nut chocolate

fruit nut chocolate gift box

Fruit and Nut chocolate is definitely one of the oldest chocolate combinations in the world. There have been hundreds of different combos of fruit and nut chocolate on the market. At Fremantle Chocolate, we use sweet raisins, juicy sultanas, hazelnuts, and citrusy orange peel combined with delicious milk chocolate to create our gourmet fruit and nut chocolate for your enjoyment. In addition to the 250g fruit and nut chocolate, we also have a 45g bar and a 80g bar. These bars are perfect to gift with our chocolate gift boxes, or make a hamper!




Dark Chocolate Ginger

Ginger has a vibrant history as it has so many uses! From medicine in medieval China and England to how we use Ginger today! Ginger has unlimited uses and is often featured in cookies, recipes, beer and chocolate! Visit Robins and Sons article for more!
At Fremantle Chocolate chocolate, we could not ignore the significance of Ginger. Therefore we have three different versions of Ginger chocolate! The 250g chocolate gift boxes consists of small nuggets of tangy Ginger smothered in 58% gourmet dark chocolate! Our ginger chocolate also comes in a 45g bar and a 80g bar for ginger lovers!





Chocolate Honeycomb

The history of honeycomb is quite vague but one thing we know for sure is that at Fremantle Chocolate, you can find chocolate honeycomb! Our chocolatiers take sweet, crunchy honeycomb pillows and smother them in yummy milk chocolate!





Chocolate Coated Nougat

chocolate nougat gift box

The history of Nougat can be traced back to the early 15th century from Mediterranean countries. Traditionally made with honey, glucose, sucrose, roasted nuts and dried fruit, Nougat is a classic and popular treat! If you would like to learn more about Nougat, visit the Britanica article! Chocolate nougat is available from Fremantle Chocolate to you! We take batons of soft honey nougat, which contains roasted almonds, and then enrobe them in delicious milk chocolate. Available in our chocolate gift boxes online and in store!





Rocky Road Chocolate

rocky road chocolate gift box

Did you know the origin of Rocky Road can be traced back to 1853 in Australia! Rocky Road was invented as a way to sell the confectionery treat that had been spoiled during the lengthy trip from Europe. Therefore, locally grown nuts and other ingridients were added into the spoiled chocolate to disguise the taste. Visit the daily slice for more information! Rocky Road chocolate is a fan favourite, and that is why we had to have Rocky Road on our Fremantle Chocolate 250g chocolate gift box range! You can find white and pink marshmallows in our Rocky Road, raspberry jubes, and yummy roasted peanuts! Perfect chocolate gift boxes for your friends and family!




Rum and Raisin Dark Chocolate

rum and raisin chocolate gift box

Rum and Raisin treats were introduced into mainstream media in the American market in the early 80s, and the flavour quickly collected a fanbase. At Fremantle chocolate, we have Rum and Raisin chocolate available from our gourmet chocolate range. Our amazing chocolatiers start with delicious 58% dark chocolate emboldened with sweet raisins, spicy Negrita rum and then crafted into bite-sized squares and packed into our chocolate gift boxes for your enjoyment.





Chocolate freckle

chocolate freckle gift box

More than a chocolate freckle, Fremantle Chocolate have a Spotty Dotty! A throwback to our childhood. At Fremantle Chocolate, we take silky milk chocolate drops sprinkled with fun edible multi-coloured confetti. In addition the chocolate freckles come in sized bite pieces for your enjoyment.





Chocolate Turkish Delight

Turkish delight chocolate gift box

Turkish Delight originates from – you guessed it, Turkey! Turkish Delight is one of Turkeys most treasured treats. Whether you love or hate Turkish Delight, you can’t have a gourmet chocolate collection without classic Turkish Delight coated in chocolate! Visit Cultures trip’s article for more information regarding Turkish Delight! Therefore at Fremantle Chocolate, you can find delicious rose-flavoured Turkish Delight packed in our chocolate gift boxes.





Dark Jarrah Honeycomb

Fremantle Chocolates dark Jarrah Honeycomb starts with honeycomb pillows infused with world-renowned Australian Jarrah honey then smothered in rich dark 58% chocolate.





Peanut Butter & Pretzel Smash

chocolate peanut butter pretzels gift boxPeanut Butter was invented in 1895. Therefore it was unavoidable that the delicious paste would make it into treats and chocolate. A combination of silky milk chocolate, crushed peanuts, morish crunchy peanut butter and crushed salted pretzels come together to create Fremantle Chocolates last gourmet chocolate flavour – Peanut butter pretzel smash.





Chocolate gift boxes range available at Fremantle Chocolate!

At Fremantle Chocolate’s home location in Bibra Lake, we display our gourmet 250g range for all to see!

If you have ever visited Fremantle Chocolate, you certainly would have seen our chocolate shop stocked with our full range of chocolate, lollies, and fudge along with our viewing window into our factory! From our viewing window, you can see how our chocolatiers handmake our chocolate!

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In conclusion, we hope this blog helped you decide what chocolate gift boxes are suitable for you! If you can’t decide, we recommend Rocky Road as it is our best seller.