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Chocolate-Coated Lollies

150g chocolate-coated lollies at Fremantle Chocolate

At Fremantle Chocolate, you can find our Chocolate coated lollies range! We took classic Australian lollies and made them fun by coating the treats with our milk chocolate!

Our treat bags are very popular with all age groups!

What chocolate-coated lollies does Fremantle Chocolate have?

At Fremantle Chocolate, we have seven different types of chocolate-coated lollies available! Chocolate-coated Bananas, licorice, mint leaves, pretzels, red frogs, snakes, and marshmallows are all part of our range.



The classic delicious soft and chewy yellow banana lollies we all love coated in delicious milk chocolate! You can always find these traditional banana lollies at parties!


Chocolate coated bananas



Sweet, bitter, salty, and sour licorice coated in our yummy milk chocolate! Above all, if you are a licorice fan, try something different today with Fremantle Chocolate’s chocolate-coated black rope licorice!


Chocolate coated licorice


Chocolate Mint leaves

Mint and chocolate are a classic combo, so we thought, why not take some mint leaves and coat them with milk chocolate? Perfect for mint and chocolate lovers.


Chocolate coated mint leaves



Mini salted pretzels with a coating of chocolate are certainly a perfect addition to the mini salty pretzels we all love! Our chocolate-coated pretzels are for you if you are looking for a different twist on the mini pretzels.


Chocolate coated pretzels


Chocolate-coated Red Frogs

One of Australia’s most iconic lollies, Red Frogs! If you have ever been to Australia, you have heard of red frogs. Therefore, at Fremantle Chocolate, we coated red frogs in our milk chocolate, and we did not regret it!


Chocolate coated Snakes

Delicious Snakes we all love coated in milk chocolate! These chocolate-coated multi-flavoured snakes are perfect for birthdays, lolly buffets or just as a yummy snack.


Fluffy marshmallows coated in chocolate and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands of sweet sprinkles. We at Fremantle Chocolate certainly could not complete our chocolate-coated treats collection without marshmallows!

Where can I buy Chocolate coated treats?

As mentioned previously, you can find chocolate-coated lollies at Fremantle Chocolate! We are a small business located in Perth, WA! We started our business in South Fremantle and moved down to Bibra Lake as we needed a more extensive production facility.

At our Bibra Lake facility, we have a factory outlet shop open to the public and our chocolate factory where we make all our products! Above all,  have a window in the shop to see how our products are handmade by our amazing chocolatiers!

You can find Fremantle Chocolate’s coated treats range at 20/8 Sustainable Avenue, Bibra Lake, WA 6163.
There are also other locations in Perth that stock Fremantle Chocolate! Visit this blog to see all the available places.

If you can’t make it to our chocolate shop and factory, you can order any products from our website! In addition, if you are interested in daily updates from Fremantle Chocolate, follow us on Instagram!

Have any questions regarding our business or products? Please contact us through our contact page or call 08 9418 1666.